My pitching pedigree is nothing to write home about, having spanned a whopping 6.0 IP over 4 years as a relief pitcher at The University of Texas at Dallas. As a fringe player starved for playing time, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could to get better and move up the depth chart.

There was a natural progression through the internet, starting with Dick Mills, followed by Dr. Mike Marshall, Chris O'Leary, and Paul Nyman. I read books by Tom House and Will Carroll. Reports of the gyroball led me to Kazushi Tezuka, and another blog introduced me to Dr. John Bagonzi.

I read the opinions of Alex Eisenberg and Carlos Gomez at The Hardball Times, and finally the work of Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball who got me started on strength and conditioning by recommending the work of Mark Rippetoe.

Influenced mainly by Eric Cressey and the Cressey Performance crew (Tony Gentilcore, Greg Robins, etc.), I have been studying athletic strength and conditioning for a several years without much hands-on practice. I'm looking to change this.

I'm a regular attendee at winter pitching conferences, and I am always on the lookout for new ideas to assimilate.

I am not an expert, but I have dedicated myself to an approach of continued education and keeping an open mind in an effort to avoid taking anything for granted. As a result of this approach, my views on pitching and training are constantly evolving. It's not uncommon for new studies to change my perspective!

In my articles, I draw attention to my personal conclusions based on the research presented. I do not claim to be unbiased, but I do my best to separate my opinions from the facts. My conclusions should not be accepted as facts, and I strongly encourage you to read the research for yourself and draw your own conclusions. 

Having previously earned a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA from UTD, I briefly returned to school to study medicine but changed gears when I received an offer to become an MLB scout.

I have coached several select baseball teams to national tournaments (Super Series), spent a year as a volunteer assistant coach at my alma mater, and have worked with professional pitchers. My MLB resume includes internship-level work, video analysis, and professional scouting.

[Last updated: May 2, 2015]