News and other things

I don't have a new article for you, but I have a few things to throw out there. First up is what I've been spending most of my free time on lately. I'll describe it fully when the beta test is ready, but for now, here's a sneak peak of F/X by

Next on the menu is a couple of decisions that I've been turning over in my head for a while. I will be returning to school this fall to take pre-med classes and begin my pursuit of a career in sports medicine. With my return to school, I have spoken to the head baseball coach about working with his pitchers. A formal meeting will take place this week.

For those interested, here's what I have planned for the coming weeks:

  • Torn labrum: a case study on myself - details of the injury, repair procedure, and rehab with photos taken by the arthroscope
  • Biomechanics: ulnar collateral ligament (Rewrite) - I've been putting this off for a while, but I will be focused on finishing it up.
  • Delayed Internal Rotation (Revisited) - This was written based on conclusions from the UCL article, so it also needs to be revisited.
  • Texas League Scouting Series - This is something I probably should have been all over since early April, but for some reason, it never crossed my mind. These will be more pure scouting reports, with more focus on tools and skill and less focus on mechanics.

Finally, two pretty good mechanics articles popped up this weekend, and I want to share them both.

Over at, Jim McLennan has published an article about labrums aptly called "Everything you wanted to know about labrums [but were afraid to ask]." Consider it a crash course introduction to what I've been planning regarding my labrum injury.

Kyle Boddy at offered his analysis of Chris Perez, the recently traded relief pitcher who is now property of the Cleveland Indians. Kyle and I share pretty similar beliefs when it comes to mechanics, and I think his analysis of Perez is spot-on.