Maybe you should read this stuff

Eric Cressey has had a spot on my blogroll for some time, but he's not the only fitness blog I read. A couple of Cressey's buddies are also pretty well plugged-in: Tony Gentilcore and Brian St. Pierre.

Tony's blog is informative and entertaining because Tony is knowledgeable, funny, and a self-described geek. When he isn't bragging about how "gunny" he is, he's usually either praising someone who "got it right" or insulting someone who "got it wrong." Tony talks a lot about general training topics and often focuses on topics specifically related to training women. If you're like me - a geek that spends a lot of time thinking about athletic strength training - you'll find Tony's blog very entertainng.

Brian's blog focuses on nutrition. He highlights research findings and discusses a lot of generl health issues mostly related to nutrition. I like his approach because he leans on scientific evidence but does a good job of not getting too technical. If you want to know why you should be drinking pomegranate juice or why you shouldn't microwave milk, this is definitely a blog you should read.

I'm introducing the "Read This Stuff" tag with this entry. Future entries with this tag will highlight blogs and articles that I want to pass along to my readers.