Announcing Summer Training

I've been away from coaching for too long. A couple of recent changes have been made that will allow me to get back into it, and I'm going to do it for free this summer. That's right. For June, July, and August (and maybe September), I will charge zero fees for coaching.

"What's the catch?" you ask. My schedule is not free-and-clear, so my availability will not be consistent. This is a big reason why I do not feel that charging a fee is the right thing to do at this time.

I am also capping this inaugural training group at 5 pitchers.


Free for me does not mean free for you. You will be responsible for the cost of materials and any necessary facility fees.

We will be using the Driveline Velocity and Arm Care MegaKit - which contains plyo balls, overweight and underweight baseballs, and J bands. You will be expected to buy and use your own (or share with a friend, I guess).


At this time, I do not have a dedicated space for pitcher training, so we will be working at one of the many indoor facilities in the area. If I have my pick of places, our indoor work will be done in central/east Plano.

Not all work will be one-on-one. Group sessions will help spread facility fees across multiple participants.

I will be following the general philosophy of Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball. Sessions will be geared toward training for pitching and will not be what is typically thought of as a pitching lesson.

There are 5 openings, but that does not mean that 5 pitchers will be selected. Good candidates will be healthy, in decent baseball shape, and serious about training.

Due to my professional responsibilities, my schedule will be somewhat erratic. Ideally, we would meet 2-4 times a week, but many weeks, we will be lucky to get 2.


If you are interested in free coaching in exchange for your hard work, click over to my contact form and shoot me an email. I am interested in your short-term and long-term baseball goals and why you think you're a good candidate. Please include your age and current level of play.