Dr. Mike Marshall Training: Javelins and Bucket Lids

I've been a bit busy lately with another project of mine, so I have been slacking a little when it comes to this blog. There isn't much substance to this post, but it's better than nothing. This is another video that was filmed, edited, and produced by Dr. Marshall's student. It shows several performing some of Dr. Marshall's more unconventional training drills. In the video, they throw javelins and bucket lids. [Video.]
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Dr. Mike Marshall Training: Iron Balls

Following last week's question regarding Dr. Marshall's wrist weights exercises, I exchanged several emails with Dr. Marshall and one of his students. This entry focuses on finding an answer to last week's question while reviewing the information from those emails. Another video is presented. This one shows Dr. Marshall's pitchers performing their iron ball exercises. [Video.]
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Dr. Mike Marshall Training: Wrist Weights

This video is possibly the best example I've found of what Dr. Mike Marshall's arm action is supposed to look like. The catch is that the pitchers in the video aren't throwing baseballs. The pitchers are performing exercises from Dr. Marshall's wrist weights program. 4 of Dr. Marshall's students are shown here doing different things that include his wrong foot slingshot, wrong foot loaded slingshot, and pendulum swing wind-up drills. [Video.] One thing I've noticed repeatedly is that despite the straight-line acceleration of the heavy weights during these exercises, Dr. Marshall's students routinely demonstrate a dramatically different arm action when they throw baseballs...
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Dr. Mike Marshall on MLB Network

This aired back on March 25, 2009. The link below will take you to a 7-minute segment from MLB Tonight which airs on MLB Network. In this clip, Harold Reynolds is joined by Dr. Mike Marshall and his left-handed student Joe Williams.

With only 7 minutes in which to work, Dr. Marshall has to skim over a lot of things, but he sums up his arm action very succinctly. He briefly explains the muscles that are involved in his arm action and mentions how pronation helps protect the elbow.

Dr. Marshall also has Joe demonstrate a couple of drills. Pay special attention to the second base pick-off drill. It's a drill he has mentioned in the past when talking about re-training traditional pitchers to correct the flaw of horizontal shoulder flexion.

With the football drill, Dr. Marshall and Joe show Harold how to throw a pronated curveball. The video isn't the best, but if you look closely and use some imagination, you can see the ball spinning forward instead of backward.

MLB Network: Dr. Marshall talks pitching

Post questions and comments here, and I will do my best to address them. [Hat tip to Kyle at DrivelineMechanics.com for originally linking to this clip.]