Notes, news, and something else to read

I'm going to bury the lead here, but this is something you need to read. Over at Men's Journal, the light bulb just came on for Daniel Duane. Check out: Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie. (Hat tip to Tony Gentilcore for getting this article in front of me.)

Remember that Strasburg article I promised a while back? After having looked things over, I decided I don't have much of anything to go on, so I decided to scrap it. My apologies to anyone that was looking forward to it.

I've had a few things kicking around in my head. I dumped a couple of my PITCHf/x ideas onto the blog in December, but I have yet to make any progress on either front. My annual look at the Texas Rangers win-curve is on its way. I have another "Please, Don't Buy This" product to write about. An upcoming series will give an inside look at what college athletes (and their coaches) know and don't know about strength and conditioning. I also have a few additions planned for the PITCHf/x database. I don't know how much of this I'm going to get to because...

Between March 11, 2011 and September 30, 2011, I will be working as a pro scout for a Major League Baseball club. At their request, I will be on hiatus from my websites during that time. I have not been asked to take down the PITCHf/x database, and I do not expect to be asked to do so.

I'm excited about the opportunity and eager to see where it might lead. Now, let's see how much I can get done in the next 5 weeks.

Maybe you should read this stuff

Eric Cressey has had a spot on my blogroll for some time, but he's not the only fitness blog I read. A couple of Cressey's buddies are also pretty well plugged-in: Tony Gentilcore and Brian St. Pierre.

Tony's blog is informative and entertaining because Tony is knowledgeable, funny, and a self-described geek. When he isn't bragging about how "gunny" he is, he's usually either praising someone who "got it right" or insulting someone who "got it wrong." Tony talks a lot about general training topics and often focuses on topics specifically related to training women. If you're like me - a geek that spends a lot of time thinking about athletic strength training - you'll find Tony's blog very entertainng.

Brian's blog focuses on nutrition. He highlights research findings and discusses a lot of generl health issues mostly related to nutrition. I like his approach because he leans on scientific evidence but does a good job of not getting too technical. If you want to know why you should be drinking pomegranate juice or why you shouldn't microwave milk, this is definitely a blog you should read.

I'm introducing the "Read This Stuff" tag with this entry. Future entries with this tag will highlight blogs and articles that I want to pass along to my readers.